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Advancement through technology cannot be achieved without using every element of technology to do it. We want to show you on every level what Audi can do and can be. That means taking technology from paper and turning it into something you can connect with. The Audi Video Gallery is meant to take the experience of our brand off the page and show you what we can bring you.

Audi Pop.Up Next
At the Geneva Autosalon from 8 to 18 March, Audi, Italdesign and Airbus are presenting “Pop.Up Next”, an entirely electric, fully automatic concept for horizontal and vertical mobility.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence
The Audi Aicon is an all-arounder well prepared for its primary task: to offer a maximum of comfort, communications technology and freedom for its occupants during a long journey. It combines the scopes for autonomous driving in an urban environment and on the highway with an unprecedented range for an electric drive.

Uncover the Unknown With quattro® All Wheel Drive
Places don’t become real until you’ve been to them. Experiences can’t be lived secondhand. The unknown is within reach with quattro, Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive.

Forget what you know – the Audi A8
Forget rules, conventions, roles and inventions. Forget being disconnected. Forget parking spots. Forget it all. Forget the car. Audi is more. The new Audi A8.

Pure emotion – the new Audi S5
The new Audi S5 Sportback combines emotional design and functionality with the performance of a sports car. No wonder the dream car will send the former tramman to the desert.

Audi Sport: Commitment – The Red Rhombus
In 2017, Audi will introduce the all new RS 3, TT RS and R8 Spyder. It is a high bar for an Audi to earn the rings, it’s a whole other level for an Audi Sport car to earn the Red Rhombus.

The Audi S4
The S4 sets a new standard for the sport sedan class. Legendary quattro all-wheel drive and a turbocharged V6 engine hide underneath beautifully sculpted body lines. The S4 is the performance sedan that’s ahead of the pack.

Audi Sport – The Sign | Audi Canada
There is a sign for performance. A sign for everything Audi Sport stands for. A sign for progress.

Behold the greatness that is the 2017 Audi Q7.
With the confidence to conquer any road, and an impressive mix of performance, style and innovation, the all-new Audi Q7 is a real projection of greatness. Literally.

Audi quattro all-wheel drive system in action
As autumn gives way to winter in Victoria, the only thing predictable about the weather is that it’s unpredictable. But all conditions are perfect conditions with Audi quattro.

Conquer Parking
Parking in the city is one of the greatest daily hassles, especially when you are in a rush. We guess this driver finally found a way to conquer the issue.

The All-New Audi Q3 2015
We want to break out the conventional script and conquer convention. Some of the best things in life aren’t written but rather felt.

Canada: Land of quattro
We live in the land of quattro. It invites us to experience its unpredictable roads and experience its wonders. We will help you love any condition unconditionally with our quattro system.

Audi Genuine Accessories
Our winter selection of accessories brings out the unexpected. Never judge a book by its cover, rather use to cover to shock everyone else who judges.

Vorsprung Durch Technik
Advancement through technology is the philosophy we live by. It drives all of our creations and activities. It inspires our innovations and designs. Since the first Audi made in 1910 we are still working to bring you the advancement that comes with the best of technology.