Audi Virtual Cockpit

Everyone who drives an Audi expects something special. With Audi exclusive customization, everything can be kept in view, directly in front of the driver. The Audi Virtual Cockpit is a fully digital instrument cluster that is completely driver-focused and is centred around a 12.3-inch high resolution display.

The instrument cluster of the future

The virtual cockpit display differs depending on which option the driver selects. While in classic view mode, the circular instrument dials, i.e. the speedometer and rev counter, are more dominant, “infotainment mode” displays additional functions such as the navigation system, telephone, Audi connect and media more prominently.

Intuitive Controls

Drivers are capable of entering commands via the multifunction steering wheel in addition to the completely redesigned MMI interface selector wheel. The traditional rotary controller is still the “main element,” but now the complexity of the control levels and steps has been greatly reduced. This is also reflected in the voice control functionality, which now features a more natural voice-operated control system.


Overall the Audi Victual Cockpit exceeds standard user expectations and boasts:

• User-friendliness
• An exceptionally response and intuitive rotay
• A paired down number of function buttons
• MMI Touch recognizes multi-touch gestures