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Best Priced dealer award

Driver Assistance Features

A suite of available driver assistance features help to inform you of your surroundings so you can stay focused on driving.

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Audi Pre-Sense Basic A system that provides preventative protection by closing windows and pre tensing the seatbelts in emergency conditions.

Audi Pre-Sense City A camera that scans the road for other vehicles and pedestrians in front of the vehicle to automatically prevent or reduce the severity of accidents.

Audi Pre-Sense Plus Using dual-mounted front and rear cameras this system measures each driving situation to automatically prevent or reduce the severity of accidents.

Audi Night Vision

A thermal imaging camera concealed in the front grille to detect pedestrians or large animals. The easiest way to see in the dark. The night vision assistant uses a thermal imaging camera discreetly concealed in the front grille. It scans the area in front of your vehicle for pedestrians and large animals at approximate distances of between 15 and 90 metres. The vehicle then alerts the driver if there is a risk of a collision with the detected obstacle.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

A reversing safety feature that detects approaching vehicles and alerts the driver via visual, audio and brake jolt cues. Reverse with more confidence. Rear cross traffic alert notifies the driver using visual, audio and brake jolt cues when the system detects approaching vehicles via sensors on the back bumper of the vehicle. The feature is active primarily in slow, reversing situations common in parking lots and driveways.

Traffic Jam Assistant

A combination of acceleration, braking and steering guidance to assist a driver in safely navigating congested traffic. A safer way to navigate traffic. Traffic jam assistant uses ultrasonic sensors to combine acceleration, braking and steering guidance at speeds under 60 km/h. The feature identifies lanes, vehicles and structures to calculate a safe vehicle path, and even maintains the distance to the vehicle ahead, as set by the driver.

Traffic Sign Recognition

This system detects speed limits and other road signs, and alerts the driver via the Audi virtual cockpit or driver information system. A vehicle that sees all the signs. The camera-based traffic-sign recognition assistant identifies many traffic signs and relays them to the driver in the head-up display (if equipped) and instrument cluster. This feature can be adjusted to also provide visual warnings when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit indicated on traffic signs.

Pedestrian and stationary vehicle detection and preparation.

Using forward-facing camera and radar systems, this available feature can help detect potential threats and aid by initiating preventative measures, helping to protect you from the world around.