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After finally deciding on choosing the right Audi for you, all that remains is purchasing the accessories that will finally make your Audi reflect your lifestyle, nurture your Audi and complete your driving experience. With Audi Genuine Accessories, you'll find the same attention to detail and the same regard for sophistication that you see in your Audi vehicle. There's something here for every Audi owner. 

Whether you're looking for right alloy wheels to exude your confidence on the road or finding the right accessories to make your Audi distinct, check out what we have now for your Audi vehicle. We should also note that every Audi Genuine Accessory is backed by our limited warranty. Get in touch with us for more details. 

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Audi Boutique

Enhance your Audi experience with top-of-the-line accessories designed for the true enthusiast. After all Audi isn't just a brand of vehicle, it is also a lifestyle in itself.

Explore the shop at Audi Nanaimo or see our full boutique inventory here 

Audi Genuine Parts
We only use Audi Genuine Parts to enhance and maintain your Audi.

  • Ensure peak performance, comfort and safety for your vehicle - and peace of mind for you
  • All Audi Genuine Parts are manufactured to strict factory specifications for high quality and long life
  • High quality workmanship ensures a precision fit for your vehicle
  • Aftermarket parts may not be fully tested to meet regulatory and safety standards

If you want to know more about our parts and accessories contact the parts department for details.

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